Safety Nets Hire Auckland Prices:

Our knotless safety nets are manufactured in Spain; We offer quick installation and dismantling services Auckland-wide. This positioning means there is no interruption to builders when placing the roof trusses in place.  Our safety nets are available in varying sizes from just 2m² to 100m².

Building and Roofing Industry Safety Net Hire: Installation and Removal.

Our fall protection safety nets are built to prevent accidents and life-threatening falls on industrial and construction sites.  Safety net installation at high-level work areas absorbs the energy of a fall and reduces the likelihood of injury or death. Working at height is one of the leading causes of injury or death on the job, and as an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure your tradesmen can do their jobs safely.

  • Safety net hire is an economical and easy way to comply with height safety requirements.
  • All our nets are manufactured in Spain to EN1263-1.
  • The safety net brackets are fixed below the top plate meaning there is no interference while placing roof trusses in residential applications.
  • Removes the risk of working at heights within a building
  • Each net comes with 3 test meshes attached. In the event of a net being used to assist a fall, it should be inspected for deformation by a competent person before being used again.